Pasta night!

Kitchens are an area that grow over time. No one person can properly predict all of the equipment they will need from the get go. For example, a pasta press and a rolling pin. Tonight was a night for trying something new, nothing hard by any means just something different. Mel decided that we were going to have steak for dinner and that he was going to make home-made pasta to accompany it. A noble quest I think but not one that was properly thought out before we began the adventure. To start with Mel tried to combine the ingredients for the pasta on my new non-stick rolling mat, a mat designed to be used with already made dough, not dough in the process of being made. To say the very least, my mat is now covered in raw, sticky dough, and will need a proper cleaning before its next use. Once the dough was made, there was the issue of rolling it out and cutting it to size. A glass jar containing flour was used as a rolling pin, and a chefs knife was the weapon of choice for the sizing. I highly recommend that these steps not be repeated at any cost, for although the pasta was very tasty when completed, the mere size and thickness of it made it a little overwhelming. Other than that dinner was a complete success, I am always left with a happy belly after our experiments.
In other news we will be participating in The Meet Market held this Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th 15:00-00:00 at Bios. Because we found out about this event rather late, Troo Food Liberation have kindly offered to share their stand with us. We have already sat down for a chat with them and it’s looking to be a promising event. Hopefully we will see you there.

If you would like to know more about the event, this is their website:


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