The first time I went grocery shopping for cake supplies, I was overwhelmed by how many things were on my list just to make four different kinds of cake. By the 5th or 6th time however I was beginning to get the hang of it. That didn’t last long. As I soon found out, there was an easier way to purchase flour rather than running to the shops and picking up single kilo bags of it every time. Through my mum I was introduced to a very interesting woman who had a store based solely on cake supplies. The first time I went in there I was yet again overwhelmed with the feeling of confusion and loss. This feeling was brought on not only by the sheer quantities that everything came in, but for the amount of variety there was as well. Things I hadn’t even thought I might need! I made my shopping list once again, went over prices with her, and went home to hyperventilate. Where does a person keep flour, sugar, butter and various other items that each come in 25k packages?! How does one even afford to pay for all of it in one go?! With time and steady breathing I was able to come up with a storage and action plan, and for a while there I thought I was doing really well…. until this week.
Preparation for The Meet Market has brought back that feeling of being overwhelmed. This time (like last time) I am lucky enough to feel excitement mixed in there as well so it isn’t all bad.  In amongst planning a menu of what foods we will have available for the event, there is also planning, presentation, labeling and shopping involved. Lots, and lots of shopping. We have recently found another seller though Troo Foods who deals in supplies other than cakes. This has made our lives a little easier as it saves us having to buy a hundred packets of rice every time. It does however bring back the problem of “where in the world do we put 5 kilo of rice”… and various other things. So far, we haven’t solved that problem and no longer have a kitchen counter. The truth of the matter is, until Midnight on Sunday the lack of space is only going to get worse. Still, I look at it and I smile.

Can’t wait to see everyone there this weekend, hopefully by then I won’t have lost my mind.

Spice for the Carrot Cake

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