New Steps

When I was studying, one of my favorite things to do when I wanted to relax was to turn on the cooking channel. I would sit and watch in awe how these inspiring chefs not only made delicious food, but turned it into a pure art form.

As an art major, I often like to think that I am creating something wonderful when baking. At the moment though, I feel like I have found some key recipes that will be perfect to use again and again, and that now it is time to expand and try new things. It is time for me to try my hand at decorating!

The idea of this has always scared me a little, especially after watching shows such as ‘Ace of Cakes’. How could I ever compete with that??? The fact of the matter is, I don’t need to compete, I just need to do things in a way that make me happy, and although I will not be in the same league as the professionals over in Baltimore, I can still have fun at creating my own little master pieces.
 Today I made a big step towards this. I placed in my very own order of fondant, sculpting tools, colour pastes and more! I have been reading up on my newly arrived instruction and design books, and I feel I am ready! Now… it is a waiting game. I am impatient, excited, scared and happy. I can only hope that this goes my way, but the way I see it, I took a sculpting class and cast my works in steel, how hard can sugar paste be?

Wish me luck!!!

…. in the mean time, enjoy a picture of a freshly baked carrot cake. I assure you, it tastes and smells every bit as good as it looks.


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