And so, it’s begun.

When I placed the order for my food pastes, I wondered to myself if they would ever actually arrive. The Greek system the way it is, I’ve lost a number of items in the post that I spent months looking for and I worried that this order would be one of the many to go missing. How happy can I be to tell you that I was wrong! My worries were for nothing!

In the last two weeks, I have scanned 8 books from cover to cover (and not small books mind you) on the art of decorating cakes with sugar paste. Every time I turned a page I looked at the colours on display in wonder and thought to myself “Can I recreate this??”. I waited anxiously for my modeling tools and colours to arrive, and I stared at the five kilo of fondant in my fridge in anticipation and dread. On Friday last, my colours finally arrived by courier to my front door. I spent the weekend in fear looking at the little bottles filled with the rainbow. I was worried to say the least. Finally I bit the bullet. It took me until Monday to do it, but I got there in the end.
True to form, I have never done things the easy way. I called a friend of mine who has been advising me when it comes to cakes, she is a very talented decorator herself and because of her I am venturing into this side of baking. Between us, I told her about the cake I had set out for myself as a first project, & in a positive and reassuring manner she assured me that I was setting the bar a little high and to maybe try something a bit easier for a starter cake. She even directed me to a wonderful looking cake that although challenging, I shouldn’t want to bang my head against the wall with frustration. What can I say, I took her advice, looked over a hundred other cakes, psyched myself up for the one she had given me, and changed my mind once I started colouring the fondant. I realize now that my stubbornness is my downfall, however, it is also how I grow. From this challenge I have set myself, I am learning what not to do, what I can do, and what I can improve. Let me just say this though, so far, I think it looks pretty damned good.

I can not as of this moment reveal pictures of the process or the final cake as it is a surprise for a certain someone and I don’t want to risk giving it away. After Monday though, look out for pictures!

Also, I now have confidence in myself that I can do anything I set my mind too, and I will now be taking orders for fondant cakes as well as for the day-to-day sweet treats I currently have on offer. For a full list, e-mail me at


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