A week ago I started the preparations for mel’s birthday cake. It was the first cake I was ever going to decorate, and I chose one that I was informed was unbelievably hard for a first time experience. My informant was not wrong let me assure you. Three kilos of fondant, five broken bows, four broken tails, three broken legs, two failed attempts, and one missing ear later…. the cake is finished.

In the week gone by, I was assembling the small details, the time consuming decorations. I left the actual cake for today. During the week and the many disasters, I thought to myself that I was getting the hardest part out of the way and that once I got to the cake, it would all be a breeze. I was so far off in my thinking that I would have laughed at myself had I had the knowledge I have now. Trying to make a box is far from easy, unless everything is cut perfectly and all goes to plan, it doesn’t look very box like. At one point today whilst assembling the lid, I had a moment of pure frustration and anger where I had to stop myself picking up the entire layer and just tossing it in the bin. I am so glad I didn’t. My cake may be far from the perfection standards of the professionals over at Confetti Cakes in New York, but never the less, I think it sure is pretty. Hopefully Mel will think so too :)
 For now, enjoy the pictures!


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