Short Notice

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a lot of time to prepare. I like to be organized and have a plan. Possibly even have a few lists, revised lists, crossed out lists, and lists of my lists. Life never works out that way though. Some of you know that two months ago, Mel and I participated in a great even called The Meet Market. It is a once a month event that was started by a girl named Alison, and it has been very successful. Not to mention, it was a ton of fun doing it last time. Unfortunately for us, there was no market in February, and lasts months market had been moved up to Thessaloniki which was just too far to try to be dealing with food. This month however, we’re back with full force.

Last month Mel and I were lucky enough to join forces with Troo Food Liberation, a great company and personal friends of ours as well. This month though we are mixing things up a bit. We had initially wanted to join forces once again with Troo Foods but decided it was better this month to go our separate ways. We still very much adore and support Troo Foods, but ‘…food for thought’ by nature are not a vegetarian based company and we all decided that teaming up with a vegan company such as TFL would be too hypocritical on our part. We are happy to announce that we will have a table none the less, most likely next to TFL and for any one interested in an alternative to what we have to offer, we will point in the direction of our friends. To make a long story short, we are very excited (if not a little ill prepared) for The Meet Market event coming up next weekend, and we look forward to seeing everyone there! Bring your support, bring your appetites, and come for a laugh!

The Meet Market will take place
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th of April 2010,
from 15:00 – 00:00!
Takis Papatsonis Hall – The Ovens,
100 Pireos St, Gazi.
For more information go to

Can’t wait to see everyone there!!!


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