fed within an inch

The holiday seasons are usually hosted by other people, at other houses, with food that doesn’t remind me of my grandfathers cooking. That isn’t to say it’s a bad thing by any means, just that it doesn’t fill me with the holiday cheer I crave all year round.
This holiday season I decided to take it upon myself and do something about my holiday blues and the loneliness I was feeling over being so far away from my family. This holiday, I decided that I would host christmas dinner myself. I shared my idea with Mel over the whole christmas feast plan I had started formulating, and in turn he shared it with his friends. Before we knew it, my plan of cooking turkey for a small get together turned into a gathering of an estimated 30 people. Overwhelmed with the tally of total guests and armed with a new found determination for the success of the evening, Mel and I started planning out the menu….

– Caramelized onion & goat
cheese bruschetta Starter:
– Baby spinach salad with cherry
tomatoes, fried goat cheese, pomegranate seeds & an orange
– Pumpkin soup

– Roasted turkey with an orange
& honey glaze
– Sweet
& spicy bbq pork
– Brie & Salmon Quiche
– Sweet potato mash
– Baby peas cooked with bacon & garlic
– Spinach, mushroom & bacon stuffed crepes
– Turkey stuffing rice pilaf

Three days of grocery shopping, two days of cooking, a huge mess in the kitchen, and everyone had devoured the entire mess within an hour. The most satisfying part of the meal? The enjoyment on everyone’s faces. This is the first time Mel and I decided to host an evening together, sure we’ve had out-door BBQ’s that were always successful, but there is something different to a sit down dinner. Can I please just tell you that I loved it beyond all compare.

Happy holidays everyone.


2 thoughts on “fed within an inch

  1. Ha! I just dug out the specific post!

    Truth be told , when first i saw the sheer amount of food, I thought you guys were attempting to recreate a “grand buffet” situation, and stuff us until we die.
    When I started eating I realized you plan was even more cunning.
    You made everything so freaking delicious I could not stop eating.
    So there you go.
    You would actually accomplish making this look like a suicide.

    All jokes aside, the dinner was amazing.
    And FYI I am going to try and guilt you into hosting Christmas dinner next year too.

    After all it’s all your fault, that no other Christmas dinner will ever match up.

    Is it Christmas yet?????

    • Death by eating, I’ll agree it to be cunning if only that had been my intention. I’ll keep it in mind for future though. What a wonderful way to go. I’ll had a word with Mel & see about hosting Christmas dinner again, you know me, any excuse to cook for a crowd.

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