my munchkins

I love getting off the phone & feeling completely thrilled about what’s to come. To be more specific, I love getting a phone call in which during, I found out that my cooking classes are going to resume in October.

For all of you who don’t have a clue what I’m on about, for the last year I’ve been teaching cooking classes for children. Monsters. Little monkeys. The tiny humans. They are exhausting beyond belief & at the end of every class I’m ready to fall into bed 7 not wake up for the next 12 hours…. however, they are so deeply satisfying.

These tiny little creatures are so curious & excited to learn that it brings me endless joy. I can’t say that it’s always a good time, they get easily bored & they need constant supervision. They like to pick on each other & crowd the table. I can’t trust them with anything even remotely sharp, not even a butter knife, & all recipes have to be carefully thought out as far ask baking time goes because if it has to go in the oven for more than 5 minutes I’ll be under attack.

With that said though… you can’t even begin to picture the smile on my face right now. So, if you have kids who live in Athens & want to learn how to cook check out Pyrna’s website for information on up coming events.


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