blackberry, lemon & coconut breakfast cake

In honor of today being my first official day of work at the bakery, I made myself some breakfast cake to celebrate. Technically I don’t start till 17:30 this evening, but it is crucial to start the day off right with tons of fruit packed into a freshly baked delicious treat. Am I right or what?

I’ve also been laying on the couch scrolling through hundreds of recipes trying to find amazing things to wow my new boss with. Things like chocolate, honey & lavender pie on a lemon & cardamom crust. Lemon bars on a ginger shortbread crust. Fig, mascarpone & pistachio tart. The list goes on. Seriously though, it’s never ending. I’m in baking heaven right now just fantasizing about it all.

I wont share those now, those are for later. Todays deliciousness will be the blackberry, lemon & coconut breakfast cake, sounds incredible doesn’t it. I think I’ve eaten half the tray so far, not good.
This recipe was inspiration from alexandra’s kitchen.

– 120g butter, room temp
– 1 lemon, zested
– 220g sugar
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 280g flour
– 2 tsp baking powder
– 1 tsp salt
– 50g dried coconut
– 60g yogurt
– 85g heavy cream
– 45g milk
– 2 cups fresh blackberries

– whisk together the yogurt, cream & milk. Set aside.
– combine all the dry ingredients including the coconut thoroughly & set aside.
– cream together the lemon zest, sugar & butter.
– add in the vanilla extract & egg, mix thoroughly.
– mix in the flour & yogurt mixtures 1/3 at a time, alternating between wet & dry.
– gently fold in the  blackberries & pour the mixture into a a 9in x 9in greased pyrex.
– bake for 35-45 minutes on 175C.
– allow to cool before serving.


4 thoughts on “blackberry, lemon & coconut breakfast cake

    • Hey Grace. Not yet, but I can certainly put that on my list go things to make. Do you have a recipe of koulouraki that you love? I haven’t actually made them before so it helps if I have a trusted recipe to start from before I start trying to figure out the conversions.

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