did I mention thrilled?

I should be sleeping. It’s 02:21 and I should most certainly be in bed. Eyes shut & dreaming all sorts of random, vivid & crazy dreams. Alas, here I am & wide awake.

No I’m not dreaming of butter-creams or pie fillings. It isn’t a craving that’s keeping me wide awake. Nor is a lack of exhaustion. For lack of better words, I think I’m just excited & happy. I’m way past exhausted & a good nights sleep wouldn’t do me a single bit of harm, but there you go.

Did I mention today was my first official day? I suppose I can tell you all now, I started work at Toni Martin Bakery in Kifissia. I’m not full time yet & wont be back in the shop until Thursday, but I’m excited all the same.

They are really amazing to be honest, best cheese cake I’ve had since I left the US. Maybe I should have said “were”, now that I’m behind the scenes who knows what will be happening. Lets hope for the best shall we? Hehe, actually I have every confidence in myself, that’s not to say I wont make a few blunders of course, but I always get there in the end. If the icing looks a little lopsided, don’t judge me too harshly, it takes time to find ones footing.

Anyway, if anyone fancies paying me a visit just let me know & I’ll fill you in on the days I’ll be there.

Alright, maybe it’s bed time… or maybe I’ll finish another movie first ; )


(this is my happy face)


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