beer battered fish & chips

Second day on the job & guess what!
Pink champagne cupcake with pink champagne swiss buttercream – Success!
Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla swiss butter cream – Success!
Vanilla cupcakes with peanut-butter  icing – Success!
Fig, mascarpone & pistachio tart – Tasted good, but not so pretty (will try again before sharing this recipe)

I’m on a roll!!!

Seven hours on my feet (they hurt a little) but I am beyond thrilled. Now it’s time for a nice cold Fischer Reserve  Ambree…. mmmmm mmmm. I wonder how hard it would be to brew my own beer. Maybe a little research is needed on this.

“mess with the bull and you get the horns” I wonder how I could turn that into a cool name for a home brewed beer. Wait, how much space do I need for this?

Speaking of beer, we made a beer battered fish & chips on Monday for Mel’s name day. It was Fischer beer again, the normal one not the amazing one, but beer-amazing-battered all the same.

The secret to amazing beer-battered fish is to chill the batter before frying. I’m just giving the pictures for now, I’ll update with the recipe tomorrow. x


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