rice & tuna salad

What a hectic couple of days! I am really looking forward to this weekend where I’ll just get to lounge out on the farm, be with good friends, drink a little too much, eat way too much & laugh. Bring on the barbecue!

I find this picture calming right now, it reminds me that it’s still summer, it’s still sunny & beautiful, and there are reasons to smile.

There’s this strange thing that happens when you’re working at a job that you love. On tuesday I was in at the bakery & I worked ten straight hours. I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but you’ve got to keep in mind that in those ten hours, I didn’t stop to sit down once. I didn’t take a single break. I didn’t eat. I didn’t even stop to use the facilities. Way too much information to post up on a blog I’m sure, but I didn’t even realize how exhausted I was until after I walked home and ended up just sitting on the floor in the entrance hallway. My feet! I couldn’t believe how much they ached & ached & ached. I’ve felt pain before from high heals, but this was just this dull, constant throb. I’ll tell you what though, I was happy.
Then, yesterday happened. I woke up still exhausted, cleaned a little, did a little laundry, fixed some lunch & then dolled myself up to go back to my regular job. I work in front of a computer screen so looking pretty for work is most certainly not a necessity, but sometimes when you’re tired the only real solution is to make yourself feel beautiful & take on the world! Yes, yes I know, I have a flair for the dramatic. Anyway, so here I am in my long, flowing white skirt & my oatmeal colored top with beautiful soft flowers sewn down it feeling all summery, soft & gorgeous, giggling to myself & pretending to ignore the boys doing a double take. Then, I walked into my office building with my big hot cup of coffee & got my headphones caught in the turnstile. This instantly caused my hand to get yanked back and throw all my boiling hot coffee down my top and skirt. I was covered! I’m sure the security guards had a really good laugh at that.

So there I was, covered in coffee head to toe & instantly, there went my mood. Of course I happen to like the clothing I was wearing & was not going to risk it being permanently stained, so I rushed to the bathroom to see if I could rinse it out. Thank goodness for the cleaning ladies in the building because they brought me detergent & a clean sponge & then proceeded to guard the door to the lavatories whilst I attempted to scrub my clothes clean in the sink.

To everyone out there reading, just remember that a little kindness goes a long way. The cleaning ladies were my own personal heroes yesterday & I owe them so many thank yous. I will be sure to save them cupcakes on monday when I bring some to work for my birthday.

Anyway, so here I am, sitting at my computer once again in my favorite pair of old jeans that have just started to rip down the thigh & I have a feeling that everything is going to get better all over again. I’ve always wanted a worn in pair of jeans to rip in a cool way. I’ve had a pair rip once before, but that’s an embarrassing story all of its own & I probably should stop sharing all the embarrassing moments. For now, let’s just leave it at the fact that I’m happy my jeans are ripping.

I suppose I really ought to share a recipe with you all at this point. It’s been a while & this site is turning more into a journal of my life & less of the cooking blog it’s supposed to be. Shame on me. I do have one for you though. Mel made a nice & light tuna & rice salad. No mayo or yogurt. He said he wanted to offer an alternative to the gooey tuna salads that people are used to. I agree with him that there should be an alternative, I just happen to be a fan of the gooey versions. Regardless of my own personal thoughts & feelings on this though, I’m sharing it. It was yummy after all.

crap, I’ve done it again, I’ve left the recipe in my camera case & the case is at home. I’l put it up later. Get your appetites ready!


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