we’ve been challenged

It was put to me on Saturday that due to the name of the blog, we really ought to be making dishes that involve things from our pantry rather than a new grocery list every week.

To be honest I agree completely & can’t believe I hadn’t already thought of that, so it was a little shameful to say the least.

The problem is, everything in our pantry is a little “off the wall”. We carry things like miso, coconut oil, lavender, pecorino cheese & other random tid-bits that wouldn’t be in your typical kitchen. Still, a challenge is a challenge & I hate to back down from one. After all, it’s an opportunity to grow.

So here it is, once a month we will be looking at what is already in the fridge & pantry, & improvising a meal from there.

…wish us luck!

P.s. thank you Dimitris for pointing that out. We hear you loud & clear!


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