the incredible chicken pie

So I’m finally over the incident with the cookies. It took a while & a little bit of therapy, but I got there in the end. All I have to say is, the next time I make something sweet… I’m not sharing.

What, too mean?

In the mean time, I’m completely craving leftovers from our incredible chicken pie… that beauty of a dish didn’t last more than two days, probably because I kept eating huge slices.

Does anyone else get that, I have serious cravings for lunch or dinner items first thing in the morning. I don’t want cereal, yogurt, bread with honey or fruit… I just want steak, chicken pie, pasta bake, sushi. I think sushi for breakfast has to be my all time favorite. This morning though, I’m all about that chicken pie, yum.

Can you see why I’m craving leftovers? Do you see this thing? Look at how thick & abundant the filling is. It was that good. If you think it looks beautiful, it tasted a billion times better. I want you to sit and think about that for just a minute. Then I want you to look at the recipe & run to your kitchen to see if you can make it now. Maybe plan it for tomorrow.

That’s all from me for now….. well, aside from the recipe sharing of course.

– 6 bacon strips, chopped
– 2kg whole chicken
– 1 onion, quartered
– 2 bay leafs
– 350g emental
– 2tbs butter
– 2 1/2 cups milk
– 1 onion, whole & peeled
– 5 cloves
– 3 tbs flour
– salt & pepper
– 1 pack puff pastry
– 1 tomato, finely diced
– 1 pinch nutmeg
– 1 tsp dijon mustard

1. boil the chicken, onion & bay leaves in a large pot with enough water to cover the meat. Bring the water to a boil & then reduce it to a simmer. Boil for approx. one hour.
2. once the chicken is cooked, drain the liquid & discard the onion & bay leaves.
3. clean the meat from the bone in strips & set aside.
4. whilst the chicken is cooking, add a tsp of butter to a pan & cook the bacon on medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. The bacon needs to be cooked, but not crispy. Remove from the pan & set aside.
5. put the diced tomato into a strainer, sprinkle lightly with salt & leave for 10 minutes. This will remove excess liquid from the tomato. Once this is done, set aside.
6. put the chicken, tomato, bacon, emental, nutmeg, salt & pepper into a large bowl.
7. stud the onion with 5 cloves & place it with the milk in a pot on medium heat. Allow the milk to become warm & then remove from heat. Pour the milk into a bowl or jug & set aside.
8. place two tbs of butter in a pot & turn the heat to medium-high heat.
9. once the butter is melted, start adding the flour 1 tbs at a time whisking the mixture continuously.
10. as soon as the mixture starts to brown lightly, add the milk in a little at a time continuously whisking to ensure a smooth texture. Once the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon, remove from heat & pour into the bowl of ingredients.
11. grease a pyrex or baking dish with butter & place the first layer of pastry down, allow the excess to hang over the edges.
12. pour in the filling, evenly spreading it & then place the next layer of pastry on top.
13. roll the edges of the pastry.
14. bake for 35-40 minutes or until the pastry is nice & golden on 180°C

…for more recipes from us, check out our archives.


2 thoughts on “the incredible chicken pie

  1. I agree with your breakfast preferences. I often have a bowl of cereal or some other “breakfast” thingie in the evening or as a late snack.

    You used “Whilst” how charmingly Brittie.

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