salmon & cream cheese sandwich with veggy crisps

This recipe is a two parter. First & foremost, we have the amazing mixed veggy crisps that are just to die for. All the crisps you see in the image, plus another batch were consumed entirely by myself. And I don’t usually eat crisps.

I mean just look at those breathtakingly gorgeous colours. You’ve got carrot, sweet potato & beet root there & it looks like heaven even before it’s fried. I mean just look!

Next you’ve got to take into account the salmon, cream cheese & chives sandwich. Everybody loves one of those. Those who don’t, will love this one.

Now, are you ready for this? The magic happens….. combine them! Sandwich & vegetable crisps together. Ta-da!


That’s all from me tonight…. it’s been an incredibly long day & I just don’t have it in me to show anything more than the magic that’s already been shared. xxx

Ingredients, sandwich:
– 200g smoked salmon
– 1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced
– 1 tbs freshly chopped dill or chives
– 2 tbs lemon juice
– 4 tbs cream cheese
– 1 loaf french bread
– pepper to taste

Directions, sandwich:
1. combine the cream cheese, dill/chives, pepper & lemon in a bowl & stir well.
2. assemble the sandwich according to how ‘stuffed’ you want it.
3. if you like a little crunch in your bite, slice the cucumber a little thicker.

Ingredients, veggy crisps:
– 2 sweet potatoes
– 2 carrots
– 2 parsnips
– 2 beet roots
– lots of frying oil

Directions, veggy crisps:
1. wash & peel all veggies. Using a mandolin, thinly slice all veggys into discs.
2. keep each vegetable in a separate bowl after chopping as each will have a slightly different cooking time.
3. sprinkle all the veggies with salt ensuring all are covered & leave for 15 minutes before frying.
4. drain any liquid from each of the bowls (especially from the beet roots).
5. bring a wide pot of oil to 180°C.
6. fry the vegetables in small batches, ensuring that there is no overlap, stirring often so as they do not adhere to one another.
7. fry for 3 to 5 minutes, or until they start to darken. Watch them closely as it is very easy to burn them.
8. transfer to paper towel & dab dry. Allow to cool until fully crisped.

Helpful tips:
1. some of the vegetables will not become crispy while frying, this will happen as they cool.

…for more recipes from us, check out our archives.


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