a change is coming

About a month ago, our friend Alexandra (a.k.a. The Butter Bee) suggested that to change things up a bit, it would be nice if Mel wrote one of our posts. You know, seeing as he’s the other half of the operations over here at whatever’s left & in charge of all the savory treats we share.

Since that suggestion was made, I had brought up the subject once or twice but never really pushed it. To be honest, as time has gone on I kind of like being the one who’s in charge of everything behind-the-scenes so to speak, especially since he always seems to outshine me on the cooking front. Still though, we are doing this together after all & it wouldn’t be fair for me to hog the spot light all to myself.

So, last night when he asked me to hand over the password for our precious blog, part of me recoiled in horror. “someone else, touch what I’ve worked so hard on?! No way!” Is exactly what crossed my mind. Then of course I realized that I was displaying my tendency to behave like an only child & had to remind myself to share. As soon as I remembered to behave a little more like an adult in a healthy relationship & less like a 5yr old throwing a tantrum, I was pleased that he was excited about the idea of contributing & it wasn’t because I was pestering him.

On that note, if you see a post that is completely outside of my style, it’s because he’s decided to tell you in his own words how the magic in his kitchen happens. I’ll get him to sign his posts so that there’s no confusion.

….This is a learning step for me. I’m learning how to share. Aren’t you all so proud?

On a different but somewhat related note…. Saturday night Mel & I went for dinner at Avocado. It’s this little vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Athens & it’s not half bad. It’s not as good as the vegetarian Indian restaurant I went to in Brighton a few years back, but then again it’s not really nice to compare the two. Kind of like comparing apples to hand grenades really.

The whole point of us going though was to show our support for The Butter Bee who was cooking up a special set menu as a guest star chef appearance. Let me just say this, her bruscetta was incredible with that wonderfully sweet but tangy tomato jam. Her pumpkin soup was so creamy & delicious with an undertone of almond. The salad was amazingly citrusy, exactly the way I love it . And the dessert was exactly what was needed after it all, smooth, sweet but not too sweet, a lovely base, perfect really.

Alexandra my dearest, thank you for that experience.

Nickey x

P.s. if you came for the food… go look at our archives.


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