lemon bars with a ginger shortbread crust

I’m back to lemons again. I meant it when I said I couldn’t get enough of them, does anyone remember my rant from the lemon cake? Probably not, in short though, it’s a crazy, obsessive love. You know, like Jim Carry in ‘The Cable Guy’, yea, just like that.

These bars are lemony without being sour. Sweet without being sickeningly so. Spicy without being overwhelming (the ginger). In short, they are kind of fabulous. I’ve decided I’m using that word currently, that &, petal. No real reason.

Enjoy the amazingness that is the lemon bar. I’d call it a snack or a casual dessert. Not fancy dinner party material, but incredible all the same. Even mel, who doesn’t usually like my lemon habit, loved the bar. He likes to tease me, “Oh, so you’re eating lemon salad again?”, he clearly doesn’t approve of my unyielding adoration for the fruit, I think it offends his tastebuds. He does manage to tolerate it though, he just no longer lets me make our salads. Or cook our chicken. Or steam the veggies. Or make anything that I’d be able to justify putting lemon on.

I’ll stop I swear. I’m just, losing my sanity & it’s easy to ramble. I think it comes from not really having a single day off in the last 2 months. Tomorrow is technically two days off from job ‘A’ (8 hours in total), but I have other actual work that needs to be done so I’m spending my holiday day(s) working for job ‘D’. As far as I know, jobs ‘B’ & ‘C’ don’t offer any holiday time. What I’m trying to say is, I’m going to most likely continue working 7 day weeks through till february…. so if my posts become less & less coherent as the time goes on, forgive me I beg you.

….that’s all from me for now, I think I’ve inflicted enough torture. Please enjoy the recipe & let me know if you have any issues with it.

– Nickey

Ingredients, ginger shortbread:
– 55g powdered sugar
– 20g grated ginger // or 1 tsp ground ginger
– 215g flour
– 1/4 tsp salt
– 170g butter, room temp

Directions, ginger shortbread:
1. combine all ingredients & mix until well blended.
2. lightly butter a 9in x 9in baking tin with butter & line with baking parchment.
3. press the shortbread mixture into the bottom of the pan & bake for 25-35 minutes @ 175ºC until a light golden colour.

Ingredients, lemon filling:
– 3 lemons, zested
– 400g sugar
– 250ml lemon juice
– 1 pinch salt
– 6 eggs
– 1 egg yolk

Directions, lemon filling:
1. Ok, I’m going to share my cheat. I absolutely hate grating lemons. Half a lemon is fine, more than that is just awful. I peeled my lemons with a peeler & then placed it in a mixer along with the sugar & made lemon sugar. And voila! No more grating.
2. back to the actual directions.
3. combine the zest, juice, flour, sugar & salt in a bowl & mix well.
4. in a separate bowl, beat the eggs & then pour into the lemon mixture. Mix well.
5. when the timer goes off for the shortbread, remove it from the oven & pour the lemon mixture on top. Make no delays!
6. return to the oven & bake for another 25-35 minutes @ 150ºC or until the middle stops jiggling.
7. allow to cool before cutting to the desired size.

…for more recipes from us, check out our archives.


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