sheep shaped cupcakes

Much to everyones dismay, there will be no recipe sharing today. Actually, there’s no instructional sharing either….. sorry everyone.

What is happening right now is I’m pretty proud of these little sheep I made. A dear friend of ours asked us to help her cater a baptism she was putting together. Since I spend all of my time at the bakery, I decided it was best if we went through there to do the order. After all, what’s good for the bakery is good for me too.

So, as a result I got to practice my skills at cake/cupcake decorating & Niki got some cute treats for the event. There will be a part two posted tomorrow… more decorated cupcakes. I just wanted to spread this into a two parter.

I can’t describe in words how to do these cupcakes, realistically I should have included a step by step visual tutorial to go with them. Due to them being created at work though & being “on the clock” so to speak, that wasn’t really an option. Still, they are pretty self explanatory from the pictures. What you need is:
– a cupcake
– a good sturdy icing
– mini marshmallows (for the ‘wool’)
– fondant (for the heads)
– and a little food colouring (to tint the head & eyes.)

– the original idea for these cupcakes came from Martha Stewart.
– the ability to be able to create these cupcakes was granted to me by Toni Martin Cake Boutique.

…for some actual recipes from us, check out our archives… we’ve got some nice cupcake recipes listed there too.


2 thoughts on “sheep shaped cupcakes

  1. just wondering…what kind of icing did you use? I tried buttercream but wasn’t able to “stick” the marsmallows on it, so my sheep cupcakes were a bit of a disaster!

    • Hi Anna, you can use buttercream, but it needs to be ward up just a little so it’s soft and to stuck the marshmallows immediately after its been iced. So you need to complete one cupcake at a time otherwise it hardens & then it won’t work. For these I had actually used a peanut butter & cream cheese icing. If you want the recipe let me know.

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