“baby boy nicolas” letter cupcakes & mascarpone icing

These were also for the baptism just like the sheep cupcakes. I’ve put them in a post of their own though since I’ll be sharing the icing recipe.

That was the only cupcake that wasn’t lettered, it was an extra & just beautiful, so it made the cut.

If the letters look a little misshapen it’s because I had to hand cut them. I’d been counting on the fact that I have alphabet cutters, but turns out they were way too big. So, hand cut was the only choice.

The last one on the end that looks like it doesn’t fit, was gold, I know it doesn’t look gold in the picture, but it was put in for a ‘prize’, I know it looks a little off.

Mascarpone icing, ingredients:
– 200ml heavy whipping cream
– 200g mascarpone
– 100g icing sugar

1. stiff whip the heavy cream.
2. sift the icing sugar into a bowl, add the mascarpone & beat until combined. Do not over-beat as it will become runny.
3. fold the mascarpone mixture into the whipped cream.

Ingredients / equipment for decorating:
– star icing tip
– fondant
– blue colouring
– yellow colouring
– gold edible glitter
– gold edible pearls
– alphabet cookie cutters


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