pistachio, oat & tahini cookies

I’ve got a teeny tiny recipe for you today. Five ingredients, super simple, super healthy, super easy.

For our friends who read this, I know you’re all dying to get your hands on Sunday’s lunch menu…. but you’re going to have to exercise some patience. Mel & I are exhausted so it will be a couple days before we put them up. They’ll be posted in the order they were served though so keep your eyes pealed.

Back to todays little gem though. This recipe is flour-free, sugar-free & dairy-free. I’d say it was vegan, but apparently honey doesn’t make the vegan cut. I don’t understand that personally but to each their own.

Originally this recipe was seen on some greek cooking/talk-show. I don’t remember the name of it, but I do remember that we were on a boat on the way to Siros at the time. Anyway, I made a few adjustments in quantities & ingredients & now it is my recipe. Yeah that’s right, it’s mine now. I would like to say thank you to the greek show… I wouldn’t have ventured to try and make something this alternative had it not been for that episode.


– 40g peanut butter
– 160g tahini
– 240g honey
– 240g oats
– 120g toasted pistachios

1. combine all the ingredients in a bowl & mix.
2. roll into 16 balls & flatten a little.
3. bake for 8 to 10 minutes @ 170ºC until golden around the edges.


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