an edible christmas

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about christmas in a long, long time. I think my job is bringing out the kid in me though. For the next few weeks, each day in the kitchen will be spent putting one more christmas item on the menu. This blog post is basically going to be a show & tell. All the designs are straight-forward so no explanations will be included. If anyone wants some additional info, leave a comment & I’ll answer it as fast & as best I can. For everyone else, please just enjoy it!

Santa hat cupcakes:

(These were done with a milk chocolate cupcake base & the decoration is just whipped cream, icing sugar & red food colouring. A lot of red food colouring.)

Snowflake cupcake toppers:

These were done with a PME plunger cutter. I’m telling you, those things are fantastic, they make life so EASY. I must have sat & made a hundred of these tonight. Stay tuned to see how I incorporate them into a dessert.

Christmas tree cupcakes:

The base on these is vanilla with chocolate chips & the frosting was a mascarpone & whipped cream.

…for some actual recipes from us, please check out our archives, we’ve got a fair few to chose from!


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