an edible christmas – part #2

There were too many pictures to cram into one post, I decided to turn this into a two parter…. (maybe three).

There will even be a separate post to show how to assemble a christmas tree out of cookies… yes, I took how-to pictures.

Anyway… here are yesterdays lot of decorations!

Let’s start with the christmas ornament cupcakes (don’t judge to harshly, these were my first attempt at making these:

Snowflake christmas ornament cupcake

Holly & berries ornament cupcake
Polka-dot ornament cupcake
Now the cookies…. I actually made gingerbread men… apparently they’ve been requested. Here is a good gingerbread recipe.
Last but not least, the marshmallow cupcakes in the shop got a makeover… I’ve since decided that this is how they will all look from now on.
….for some actual recipes from us, you should check out our archives. If you want to see the other christmas edibles, look at part 1.


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