Stuffed portobello mushrooms

We have a saying in Greece that if translated directly goes like this: “Either the ship’s course is crooked or the shoreline is…” Basically what it means is that if everyone thinks you are wrong but only you think you are right… well maybe you are wrong.

Now I believe that stuffing these big Portobello mushrooms with all kinds of things is amazing, but everyone around me thinks otherwise (except Lauren). Who should I trust? I still think the shore is crooked but what I will do is give everyone two choices.

Some tasters thought that this particular recipe was a bit overwhelming while others liked the rich stuffing. What I understood was that some people view this dish as a simple starter worthy of 1-2 bites and others like to have it as a filling first course. Personally I like eating two of these as a main with some other accompaniment. So in order to satisfy everyone there is soon going to be a sequel to this episode accommodating the other way people want to eat this dish.

– 6 large Portobello mushrooms
– 2 onions chopped
– 150 gr choped bacon
– 500gr spinach chopped
– 150gr parmesan
– 50gr pine nuts
– 1 garlic clove finely chopped
– 2tbs chopped parsley
– 1tsp chopped thyme
– 1/2 cup white wine
– 1/2 cup chicken stock
– 2tbs olive oil
– 1tbs butter

1. Cut the stalks from the mushrooms, chop finely and reserve. With a tablespoon carefully remove the black gills from the inside of the mushrooms and discard. Oil them on the outside and season with salt and pepper on the inside and place on a baking dish.
2. Place the spinach in a big pot with 1tbs oil and bring to medium-high heat while covered for 3-4 minutes. Uncover and stir a bit until completely wilted. Remove from heat and reserve in the pot.
3. Place the bacon in a skillet and cook on medium heat until fat has rendered and bacon is nice and crispy. Remove from heat, reserve bacon and discard fat. Place bacon in reserved spinach.
4. Add butter, onions,chopped mushroom stalks and thyme in the skillet and on medium heat sweat the onions until soft for about 10 minutes. Add parsley increase heat to high and add the wine. Cook for 1-2 minutes till wine reduces and add stock. Cook for a few minutes more until the mixture looks wet but with no excess liquid. When ready place in the spinach pot.
5. Meanwhile toast the pine nuts in a small skillet until slightly browned and fragrant. Place in the spinach as well.
6. Give everything a good stir test for seasoning, adjust and reserve.
7. Fill the mushrooms with the filling and top with the cheese. Bake on 180 for about 30-40 minutes until mushrooms are cooked through. Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.


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