an edible christmas, part 3

Right, this is the last one I promise!

The bakery got asked to design cupcakes to appear on TV!!! How exciting is THAT! The cupcakes they chose were the sheep, the santa hats & the christmas trees… all three of which were cupcakes I had designed. They also asked for three new designs & my boss told me to “go wild”.

I’m not sure this counts as wild… but here are the other three designs!

Snowman christmas cupcake…. mascarpone icing on a chocolate cupcake.

Holly & berries christmas cupcake… red velvet cupcake with a cream cheese icing
red velvet & cream cheese Snowflake christmas cupcakeblueberry cupcake with a mascarpone icing
blueberry cupcake with a mascarpone icingSanta hat christmas cupcake (new version)… vanilla & marshmallow cupcake with a vanilla buttercream (recipe below)
vanilla & marshmallow cupcake with vanilla buttercreamSheep cupcakes (yea, doesn’t seem so christmassy but that’s what they ordered)… vanilla cupcake with a peanut-butter icing.

The recipe for the vanilla buttercream is:
– 375g icing sugar
– 120g butter (room temp)
– 30ml milk (lessen or remove this if adding colouring)
– 1 tsp vanilla extract

1. beat the butter & sugar together until thoroughly combined.
2. add in the milk & vanilla & continue to beat until light & fluffy.

Other recipes are linked in this post, just follow the links.

….for other or unrelated recipes from us, check out our archives.


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