fried ice-cream-BOMBS!

About a month ago we posted the crispy salmon cakes recipe  as part of the “let’s fry everything” weekend. I somehow completely forgot about the most decadent recipe we tried that day, that was also the most interesting for me. Fried ice cream. Now the interesting part was that most of the recipes I tried didn’t work, so once again I had to come up with one… which is always a challenge. The problem I had to solve, was that the usual cornflake coating wasnt enough to protect the ice cream from melting. I tried a tempura coating but it was too heavy for my taste. I then tried a combination of cornflakes and egg-wash, dipping the ball into cornflakes then egg then cornflakes again until a good layer was formed. This solved the melting problem, but created another one. You have to freeze the completed ball before frying, and the frozen egg layers sometimes didn’t cook fast enough leaving raw egg around the ice cream. In the end the solution came from a cake that was going stale in my grandmother’s kitchen. You need an average cake that you would otherwise not really consume (like a store-bought one that’s not dense and moist.) Read on for the final recipe….

– mel

p.s. the gooey stuff on top of the ice cream is a homemade salted caramel sauce. It’s the same recipe we used for the salted caramel pears, just added a little more cream & cooked it a little less.

– 4 good-sized vanilla ice cream balls (almost the size of a baseball)
– 3 cups cornflakes, crushed finely but not powdered
– 3 cups cake, stale & crumbled
– 1 tsp cinnamon or 2 tbs shredded coconut
– 2 eggs, beaten

1. process the cornflakes in small batches pulsing a few times until the texture resembles those small pieces that are usually left on the bottom of a cereal bag…you know the ones that we all like emptying in our mouth like a construction truck empties gravel. Place in a bowl. Roll the ice cream balls in the cornflakes making sure to create the thickest possible layer. This will give you the crunch in the final product. Place in the deep freeze right away and leave for at least 3 hours or overnight for better results.
2. Cut the cake in cubes and let it go stale for a 3 days or so if you have planned ahead. If not go directly to step 3.
3. Roughly crumble the cake with your fingers in a baking tin and bake on the air setting on 150 for about 25 mins, until dry and crispy, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool and place in a bowl with either the coconut or cinnamon.
4. Beat the eggs and place in a bowl.
5. Working fast roll the balls in the egg then in the cake mixture and repeat one more time creating a good solid layer. Place in the deep freeze right away for no more that 3 hours and no less than 1.
6. Deep fry for about 3 minutes until golden brown. Serve immediately.

– Ironically the best corn flakes to use are those fat ones that are supposedly more healthy like “special k” and “fitness”.
– While working on this recipe, try to be organized so that the ice cream stays outside the minimum possible time.
-This is a basic recipe flavorwise. You can play around with other ice cream flavors and also other cake flavors but try to keep the consistency of the cake around the general guidelines described in the introduction. Also instead of coconut or cinnamon you can mix in the crumbled cake whatever dry flavoring you want. Keep us updated if something works well for you.

…for more recipes from us, check out our archives.


2 thoughts on “fried ice-cream-BOMBS!

  1. Fried ice cream is a favorite of mine — and I’ve always wondered it’s made! This sounds awesome, and I’m all about salted caramel sauce, too.

    • Hi Meg! Fried ice-cream has always eluded me too…. mel has a tendency to be a little crazier in his cooking endevours than I am though so he was determined to make this work. The first attempt he tried, he kept trying to scoop out the ball & it had all melted. I’m glad he stuck with it though because I ended up eating 3 scoops all to myself! The salted caramel was top notch as well :)
      If you give this a whirl, let us know how it worked out for you.
      – nickey

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