an update

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but as of Monday this week I’ve been in the wonderfully sunny Phoenix Arizona. Go figure.
I’ve had no intentions of suspending the blog whilst I’ve been gone, in fact I’m currently sitting on four recipes that mel & I worked up on Sunday. My issue at the moment is computer access and pictures! Would you believe it? I’m being stopped by a computer. Or rather the lack there of.
Mel has let me know that he’s already written his wonderfully insightful posts…. but I’ve run away with the camera that contains all the pictures. I’m beginning to think that maybe I just post his wondrous treats & add the pictures when I get home in February. I don’t know though, I feel a little like that’s cheating. We shall see.
… for me, it’s 06:00 and I’m watching the sunrise from a coffee shop. I love & hate jetlag.


One thought on “an update

  1. Have a great time Lauren!!! Sitting for a coffee watching the sunrise doesn’t sound all that bad :)

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