valentines designs

Whether you care about holidays or not, when you’re in the business of making desserts…. it’s bound to end up looking like love went and threw-up all over the place.

I’m not saying I’m against valentines day, not one single bit. I used to love to give people elaborately designed cards. Silly little love notes. Origami bouquets. Baked treats. You know, things that screamed “IT’S A MUSHY HOLIDAY & I’M GOING TO CELEBRATE IT”.

As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve learnt to appreciate love all the time. That’s not to say I don’t still like the extra excuses to be romantic, I just prefer to do them all year round.

Still, in the spirit of mushy holidays, there are desserts. Love desserts.

I know you’re probably thinking that valentines day is still four whole days away, but I’m posting these now to give people time to get inspired. You know, in case you want to shower someone special in mush.

Let’s start with red velvet cupcakes…. it’s not exactly a dozen roses, a dozen is 12 and there are only 9 there…. but they are roses all the same.
cream cheeses pipped roses

Next on the list… you’ve never seen vanilla look so sweet. Yes, I actually said that.

vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

Let’s get a close up of those shall we….

vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla buttercream

And the last one to make todays cut… Carrot cake & cream cheese cake… white roses. It’s supposed to look like white roses.

…and a close up of the roses of course.

…for some actual recipes, or even a view at other designs, check out our archives.


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