The Body Shop cupcakes

Today is not for a recipe, today is for bragging. More specifically, ‘The Body Shop‘ launched a new line of products called ‘Chocomania‘ in Greece & I (the Toni Martin Bakery) got the honor of putting together their cupcakes. Want to see? Of course you do!



The plaques were made out of white & dark chocolate using a very fine lining tip on parchment paper.

The cupcakes were chocolate, and the icing was just a simple chocolate ganache & white chocolate ganache:

– 300g white chocolate
– 300g heavy cream
– 20g unsalted butter

1. melt the ingredients together either over a double boiler or in the microwave. Make sure to check on them & stir during the process so as the chocolate does not burn.
2. place the mixture in the freezer until it is cold to the touch.
3. beat the mixture on high speed until it thickens & lightens in colour, it should be thick enough to retain its shape when piped or iced by hand. Be careful not to over beat as the cream will start to turn to butter.


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