chocolate dipped frozen bananas…. summer love

There are worse things to give in to when you’ve got a sugar craving. Much worse. A chocolate covered frozen banana is not one of them.

Seriously, give yourself a break from all your “shoulds” & “shouldn’ts” & just give in once in a while. It’s summer. It’s hot. You’ve worked all year slaving away in the gym to get the perfect body, and now it’s time to reward yourself.

Did you know that a little bit of dark chocolate is good for you? I’m talking real chocolate though, not candy bars that are filled with sugars, preservatives, artificial flavorings & who knows what else. So when you think about this, these bananas are good for you. It’s just chocolate & bananas, you can’t go wrong! Not to mention that when the bananas freeze they maintain this creamy texture which contrasts perfectly with the crunch of the outer shell.

What you will need:
– 12 popsicle sticks
– parchment paper
– 2 pipping bags
– 3 large jam jars

– 3 large bananas
– 400g white chocolate (28%)
– 400g milk chocolate (52%)
– 400g dark chocolate (74%+)

1. peel the bananas, cut off the ends & then cut them in half. Each banana should make two popsicles.
2. insert a popsicle stick into the end of each banana about half way in. Place the bananas on a plate & into the freezer. Freeze for an hour or two until they are frozen solid.
3. Once the bananas are frozen, you can begin to melt the chocolate.
4. cover a counter or oven tray with parchment paper.
5. Finely chop the dark chocolate & place it in a double boiler to melt. Once melted, transfer it to one of the jam jars. Remove four of the bananas from the freezer & submerge one into the chocolate completely. Remove it & gently shake so that the excess chocolate drips off. The chocolate should harden into a shell quickly due to the temperature of the bananas, once hard it can be laid flat on the parchment paper so that you can move onto the next one.
6. once all four bananas have been covered, move onto the milk chocolate & repeat the steps above. Lastly, move onto the white chocolate until all 12 popsicles are covered.
7. once the bananas are covered, 2 table spoons of dark chocolate can be placed inside of one of the pipping bags. Close the opening, and then cut a tiny hole into the end. Drizzle the white chocolate bananas with the dark chocolate to decorate. For the milk chocolate & dark chocolate bananas, repeat the process using white chocolate.
8. once finished, return to the freezer until you’re ready to consume. These can be kept for two weeks up to a month.

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*** if you’d like something a little more playful, the bananas can be covered in sprinkles, chopped nuts, candy or anything else you can think of. This will have to be done before the chocolate hardens into a shell though so work quickly.
*** I like to melt my chocolate directly in the jam jars which I then submerge in a pot of warm water set to medium-low heat on the stove. Things to remember are to not let any water into the jars as water & chocolate have an adverse effect on each other when you’re trying to melt chocolate. The reason I like using the jars is that when I’m done using the melted chocolate for dipping, I can just put the lid on the jar & set it aside until next time. Cleanup is easier too.
*** once again, it’s all gluten-free!!!

…for more recipes from us, check out our archives.

………for a whole range of gluten-free recipes, check out our gluten-free archives.


10 thoughts on “chocolate dipped frozen bananas…. summer love

    • Hi Kat! Thanks! Actually, I had seen an add for these pop up online & there was this whole thing about how the company would ship them in dry ice…. I sat there thinking “why can’t I just make them myself?!”. Turns out, they are one of the easiest things I’ve made, & soooo delicious too!

      • Do they maintain that shape due to using the jam jars? They are all so perfectly in uniform shape!

      • Hi Marta. The Jam jars just make it easier for dipping since they are narrow but deep. It also saves clean-up time since you can just leave the chocolate in the jar, put the lid on & put it aside until next time. They keep their shape because I froze the bananas prior to dipping them, this ensured that the chocolate hardened to the exact shape of the banana before it was even set down on the parchment paper. Also make sure to gently shake the bananas as the chocolate hardens to get rid of any excess chocolate, this will also give them a nice smooth finish.

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  2. This recipe sounds delicious, and I will be buying for bananas on my next shopping trip!
    The photography…..GREAT!
    The photos grabbed my attention and made my taste buds go, Yum! Very (no pun intended) tasteful presentation. I am not a fan of the recipe photos with the messy on purpose presentation for the final product. It makes me want to grab a dishcloth and clean up the dang mess!

    • Hi Rhonda. It’s so great to have the feedback. I often wonder how people respond to my pictures & I’m never certain if I’m over cluttering or over simplifying what is going on.
      Did you try the recipe?

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