let’s play a game of “guess who”…

Let’s play a little game of “guess who”. Now I realize that this is a nice easy one to do & that you’ll probably all have the answers within a couple of minutes, but I rather like games & it feels appropriate.

So, whilst you’re scratching your heads & wondering who the mystery guest who asked us for cupcakes was, I thought I might share a bit of an update about what’s been going on.

London & I are struggling to become friends at the minute. For as hard as I try, I keep getting rained on & I can tell you quite honestly that this is not how I picture spending my summers.

The job front is going rather well though, I do have to admit that working part time in a gluten-free bakery has its perks. For one, I can stuff my face full of delicious treats whenever the moment strikes…. Oh yes, I do that. Can I just say that it’s blissful too. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but having been in a regular bakery for as long as I was, surrounded by the smell of freshly baked brownies, cookies, cakes & more was just getting a little too torturous. I’m back on track now though & back to my old ways of stealing freshly baked goods as soon as they’ve popped put of the oven. There are perks to being a chef.

…for more recipes from us, check out our archives for a full range, or our gluten-free archives.


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