One Lovely Blog Award

Something lovely just happened. You know, the kind of moments that make you smile & feel a touch warm in your insides.

Apparently there is this thing floating around the interweb directed at blogs called the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. I’m not entirely certain where it stems from or if they ever nominate a winner, but realistically, I don’t think that’s even the point.

The point is, a wonderful blog by the name of Charlotte Julienne added us to their list of nominees, and when I read the comment they left on our vine leaves post it made me smile. I like almost anything that makes me smile, I approve.

So, I’ve decided that Whatever’s Left will be participating.

The rules are simple:
1. mention the blog that nominated you.
2. include 11 random facts about yourself.
3. nominate 11 blogs that have “blown your dress up” so to speak.
4. have fun.

So here they are, the eleven blogs that have brought some joy to my internet browsing (by alphabetic order):
after taste
a sonoma garden
braised anatomy
gluten free goddess
liquid in plastic
Mattika Arts
sprinkles & glitter
sunny cupcakes & sea
the picky apple
very culinary

And, the eleven random facts about us:
1. Mel is a way better cook than I am, it makes me a little jealous.
2. I’m a much better baker than he is… at least that’s what I tell myself. I refuse to let him make desserts though just incase he shows me up.
3. out of the two of us, I’m the professional, he’s the “amateur”.
4. I wont eat foods that I think have funny textures. For example, I wouldn’t eat beans for years because I thought they’d have the same texture as mud.
5. Mel likes to hum classical music when he comes to bed at night. He does this at the top of his lungs as if to announce his arrival.
6. I started cooking when I was little because I thought I could make my grandfather happy through food. Turns out, it was my grandmother who got the most pleasure out of it.
7. My cousin refers to Mel as Melanie, it annoys him a little.
8. I love DIY projects. If I think I can do it myself, I add it to my to-do list & eventually give it a try.
9. Mel & I are kind of antisocial. Not because we chose to be, but it’s more because we’re socially retarded.
10. We’ve known each other since we were babies…. I used to hide out in his room behind his speakers.
11. I like eating breakfast whilst sitting on the kitchen floor.


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