Champagne Thursdays: baileys with coffee ice cubes

It’s either genius, or dangerous. I haven’t decided which of the two yet.

….I’m starting a new tradition on the blog, it’s called “Champagne Thursdays”, and it’s a whole day of the week dedicated to the boozy concoctions that are all too welcome in the middle of the working week…

ooooooooh yea.

I’m breaking us in gently, and by “us” I mean me.

Two ingredients, a glass & an ice tray. Easy, no?

So here we have it, the ingredients:
– baileys, chilled
– 1 cup of coffee, brewed just the way you like it… mine was 3 shots of esspresso

1. once your coffee is brewed & cooled, pour it into the ice-tray & freeze.
2. fill your desired cup with your coffee ice cubes & top with baileys!


If you liked the recipe, go check out our KICKSTARTER project for an upcoming Gluten-Free Cookbook!

……..for a full history of our recipes, check out our archives. For the more sensitive tummies, check out our gluten-free archives….. and if you’re just interested in something pretty, check out our designed page.



4 thoughts on “Champagne Thursdays: baileys with coffee ice cubes

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  2. I love Google! Saw a photo on Facebook of Bailey’s and Coffee Cubes but no back-up on the photo or “recipe”. Searched for “coffee ice cubes” — found your blog — — looked around — you’re Gluten Free — your photography is awesome. I love you. Sorry that might be sudden, but as stated previously — I love Google!

    • Google is such an amazing tool for finding all sorts of things. I myself have used it to find & locate so many gorgeous blogs out there that I just couldn’t do with out. You’re words are so flattering & a real ego boost! I’m glad you found me, Mary. :)

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