the classic digestive biscuit

Do you remember these biscuits?

I used to go through time periods where these biscuits would be the staple of my diet. Whether they were plain, chocolate covered, chocolate & caramel covered, dipped in coffee or milk.

It’s safe to say I would live on them every now & then. Especially if I hadn’t had time to make a packed lunch before work.

Not to mention that these little things make the perfect crust for so many different desserts. Banoffee pie, cheese cake, keylime pie. I mean seriously, who would have thought one cookie could do so much.

Well, I hadn’t realized just how much I was missing these until Mel started asking me for banoffee pie. He’s got some mad craving for it that he just can’t seem to shake, and since I’m making it for him, I’m going to be darn sure that there will be a piece with my name on it too.

Selfish, I know, but I have sugar cravings too ya know! Not to mention my outright refusal to post up anything that isn’t gluten-free these days. Again, selfish I’m sure, but I also would like to believe there’s a crowd out there who have all the same cravings I do, combined with the frustration of not being able to find them in a GF format.

So go on, make these… enjoy them for what they are, love them for what they are, and then once you’ve had your fill, make another batch for the banoffee pie I’ll post up soon.

Ingredients: makes 24
– 100g gluten-free oat flour
– 100g buckwheat flour
– 1 tsp baking soda
– 0.5 tsp salt
– 50g light brown sugar
– 100g unsalted butter, room temp
– 1 egg yolk
– 1 tbs milk

1. in a large bowl, put the buckwheat, oat, baking soda, salt & brown sugar & mix until combined. Add in the butter, milk & egg yolk & kneed until it forms a ball. The dough may seem a little wet at first, but it will absorb the extra moisture when it is resting.
2. flatten the ball of dough into a disc (this will making rolling it out easier), wrap in plastic wrap & refridgerate for an hour.
3. dust a countertop generously with buckwheat flour & roll out the dough to 3mm thick. Cut the dough into discs (I used a 5cm cutter) & place on a parchment lined baking tray about 1cm apart. Bake in a pre-heated overn for 15 minutes @ 180°C.
4. once done, allow to cool for five minutes & then transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling. Seal in an airtight container for storing, cookies will keep for a couple of weeks.

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16 thoughts on “the classic digestive biscuit

  1. These biscuits were great! Thanks for an awesome recipe. I’ll be making a banoffee pie with them tomorrow :)

    • Thank you for the amazing feedback Gwen! Enjoy the banoffee pie, if you’re anything like Mel, he’d demolished almost both of them before I could stop him. Then again, banoffee is one of his weaknesses.

    • Hi you wrote baking soda and in the directions you wrote baking powder…can you tell what’s the one to be used? Thanks…can’t wait to try the recipe…

      • Good afternoon Gabriele,

        You’re right, I did make that mistake, although it looks like you were the only one to catch it! I’ll amend it now, thank you. I in fact meant baking soda. I’m here if you have any further questions :) happy baking!

  2. I loved this recipe, thank you! I’ve made it a few times already, everyone here at home loves it.

    • I’m so glad you like it! I swear, I used to live on these back in the day so it was really great for me to be able to reintroduce them into my diet. They also make a great base for cheesecakes… maybe it’s time I make another cheesecake.

  3. I love digestive biscuits! What sort of chocolate would you suggest to top them if I wanted?

    • Personally, my favorite for digestives would be milk chocolate. Maybe sprinkle a few chopped nuts on there too.

    • I like to add the egg yolk for the fat. You should be able to add a little bit of butter, & possibly a touch more xantham gum.. that should do the trick. A great egg replacement for future reference though is psyllium husk or flaxseed meal.

      • My apologies, clearly I made an error in my wording. I meant a touch of xanthan gum. I chose not to put xanthan in the original recipe to give the biscuits more of a crumbling texture.

  4. I tried this recipe just this morning, and had to pop in and say thanks. I am so pleased with the results. A dunkable gluten free biscuit! I have been trying for months to acheive this, as the morning biscuit and tea had to go when I gave up gluten. Of course, you can buy GF digestives in the UK, but they fall apart after the first dunk. Nothing worse than a soggy digestive at the bottom of your cup.

    Anyway, thank you, again, for posting your recipe. I made just one small tweak (used salted butter, and omitted the salt in the recipe) and they were absolutely perfect. This one’s a keeper.

    • Thank you so much fore taking the time to tell me that, Brenda. It really tickles me pink to know that someone has had success with something I’ve created.
      As for your alteration, it really doesn’t matter if you use regular or unsalted butter… I always chose unsalted so that I an control the salty flavour exactly, but really it’s down to every bakers preference. Either way the end result is the same.
      As for finding gluten-free alternatives, if you have any suggestions on what I should venture on next I’m all ears.
      Have a lovely afternoon! x

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