welcome to Palazzo Ploes

I think I’ve mentioned briefly in my cinnamon roll post that my boss was asking me to look into recipes. What I failed to mention though was that my boss, was a new boss.

Here’s the news we’ve been holding on to for a little over a month now….

Mel & I got hired as a cooking-duo over at a little boutique hotel in Syros called Palazzo Ploes. It’s a gorgeous place with an incredible view & glorious artwork. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but somehow, we did.

I’ve got the breakfast shift taking care of all items breakfast, brunch & sweet.. & Mel will be terrorizing the kitchen in the evening taking care of dinner, snacks & cocktails.

Palazzo Ploes kitchen (image taken from their website)(this is a partial view of the kitchen, I took the image directly from the hotel website)

I think it would be safe to say that we’ve been very blessed in this.

One of the coolest things on going is that we’ve been working closely in the kitchen with a chef by the name of Antonia Clare Grant, who’s been Michelin trained on a couple of occasions. She’s been in charge of designing the bulk of the menu & teaching us the tips & tricks to expand our range. Mel has been putting in his two-cents as often as he can to leave his mark on the menu & he’ll also be in charge of creating some new & exciting cocktails for us.

I, of course, have been left in charge of dreaming up the desserts. Not to mention, there may even be a little side business going on where we’ll be doing boxes of my macarons for the guests.

Aaaaaaand, we were also shipped off to Mykonos (literally) last week to learn the ins & outs of cocktail making from a wonderful guy named Babis who works over at Passo Doble.

It’s all pretty exciting!

So here we are. Two very lucky individuals getting to have our cake & eat it too! I’ll be trying to keep a diary of the on-goings in the kitchen. New recipes, daily specials, how we’re progressing, etc… I think it will help us keep on top of things & hopefully generate some excitement over the hotel.


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