perfect in a pinch

home made organic coconut milk & coconut flour

I’ve been running dangerously low on supplies……

It’s a rare moment where I’m caught with an empty pantry & an order which calls for an ingredient I no longer have stocked.

Shameful, I must admit, but apparently I too am human.

The question is, what is a girl to do when she has an order for here amazing sugar cookies, & yet, is all out of coconut flour?

Easy. Make her own coconut flour.

Why yes, yes I did say I was going to make my own organic coconut flour. How’d you like them coconuts! (see what I did there, that slight of words & slip of a movie quote?)

We can argue all day about store-bought vs. homemade coconut flour, really. Both have HUGE plus & minuses that can be pitted against each other. At the end of my day though, I’m all out & I know for a fact that an order wouldn’t come by post till way after my cookies are due for delivery. So for me, it’s an all win situation. Not to mention that a by-product of making my own flour results in a full litre of freshly made organic coconut milk that comes with absolutely no preservatives or additives! See?

Win. Win. WIN! Situation.

One could really say it’s a twofer.

– 1lt water
– 250g organic desiccated coconut

1. combine the water & the coconut & allow to soak for 2 hours.
2. after the soaking, transfer the mixture into a blender or food processor & process for about 5 minutes until it looks thick & creamy.
3. strain the liquid through a double lined cheese cloth making sure to press out as much of the liquid as possible. Store the liquid in a bottle in the fridge, this is your coconut milk (shake before use).
4. transfer the pulp onto a baking tray lined with parchment in a thin & even layer, & turn your oven onto the lowest heat setting available. Allow the pulp to thoroughly dry.
5. once dry, transfer the mix back into a food processor & blend until it becomes fine. Transfer to an airtight container & store in a cool dark place until ready to use.

There you have it! It was THAT easy!

……..for a full history of our recipes, check out our archives. For the more sensitive tummies, check out our gluten-free archives….. and if you’re just interested in something pretty, check out our designed page.


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