jellies, jams & preserves… oh my!

red grape & rum jam, perfect for the morning toastI have a question for you all….

How many of you can tell me the difference between a jelly, jam & a preserve?


Yea, that’s a tough one. I’ll admit, I had to google it to find the answer. It’s true, I’ve existed 28 years on this earth without knowing the fundamental differences between these spreads. A little appalling, but brutally honest.

Here it is in a nutshell (so to speak)…
1. Jelly: made using the juice of the fruit
2. Jam: made using the pureed flesh of the fruit
3. Preserves: made using either whole pieces or large chunks of the fruit.

There you have it! Pretty easy once you know. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t, however.

What we have here today is a JAM made using red grapes. I’ve gone ahead & thrown some red apples in there too since apples are just chock full of pectin which will eliminate the need for so much sugar.

The whole reason I find myself making jam at all is because I seem to have a wicked craving for a PB&J. I know traditionally these are fixed with jellies & not jams… but I’m not all that traditional.

Try this recipe out. I threw in a little dark rum & lemon zest to give it a nice little edge. Let me know what you think xxx

– 1kg red grapes (remove all the seeds)
– 500g red apples, (peeled & cubed)
– 150ml dark rum
– zest of one lemon
– 250g sugar

1. combine the grapes, apples, lemon zest & rum in a blender & puree until smooth (you don’t have to, I just recommend it).
2. transfer the contents into a large pot & turn the heat up to medium-high. Cook for about 10 minutes before adding in the sugar.
3. Once the sugar is added, the mixture needs to be cooked until it reaches 104C (a candy thermometer is best for this job). Make sure to stir the mixture every five to ten minutes to ensure it doesn’t burn on the bottom. Once the correct temperature is reached, transfer it into hot, sterilised jam jars. Three should be plenty, but have a couple more ready just in case. Place the lid on the jars immediately, & then allow the filled jars to cool to room temperature before storing.

……..for a full history of our recipes, check out our archives. For the more sensitive tummies, check out our gluten-free archives….. and if you’re just interested in something pretty, check out our designed page.


4 thoughts on “jellies, jams & preserves… oh my!

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    • I’m afraid I’m not understanding your question. There should be no harmful effects from consuming Jam/Jelly.

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