the seductive side of spinach tortillas

gluten-free spinach tortillas. Perfect for wraps!

I’ve been wandering around my kitchen all morning wondering how in the world I can make spinach tortillas look seductive…..

Do you know how hard it is to make green food look good?!  I’m not talking about salad green, or fresh cucumbers… I’m talking about baked goods that look green. It’s almost like asking the Grinch to pose for glamour shots.

The pictures fail though.

I’m telling you, I kept frying up tortillas & before I could even plate them, I was stuffing them in my mouth. I made my way through FOUR before I managed to actually set one aside for the picture.

So much flavour!

Immediately after I was done photographing them… I whipped myself a scrambled egg & quinoa filling with fresh parsley & sweet chili sauce. I know that probably doesn’t sound appealing, but it was frickin’ amazing.

I assure you… the colour of these tortillas are all natural & the flavour is overwhelmingly delicious. I can’t wait for Mel to come home so I can get him to make me chicken burritos again!

Ingredients: (makes 20)
– 200g frozen spinach
– 240g almond flour
– 315g gluten-free white flour
– 90g potato starch
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 2 tsp xanthan gum
– 50ml water
– 40g olive oil
– 3 medium eggs, room temp

1. weight out the spinach & then allow it to thaw. Once thawed, squeeze out all the excess liquid from it. Place the spinach in a blender along with the almonds & puree until smooth.
2. transfer the spinach & almond to a large bowl & add all the dry ingredients. Use a spatula to blend everything evenly.
3. in a separate bowl, combine the water, olive oil & eggs. Whisk to combine & then add the mix to the dry ingredients. Use a spatula to stir it all at first until most of the liquid has been absorbed, & then you can continue on by hand & kneed until it has all be completely incorporated.
4. wrap the dough tightly in cling film & refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
5. divide the dough into 20 equal balls. One by one, place the balls of dough between two sheets of parchment & roll out until about 1 to 2mm thick in height. To make the edges look nice & smooth, you can use a bowl as a cutter, or just use a pizza cutter.
6. preheat a heavy bottomed non-stick frying pan to medium-high heat. Place a tortilla in the pan & flip after 45 seconds to 1 minute. Cook for an additional 45second to 1 minute on the other side & then remove from the pan. Continue on this way until all the tortillas are cooked

*** I like to divide the dough in half & freeze one half. It will keep for several months & then you have it ready & waiting for the next time you have a craving.
*** the tortillas are fairly flexible once they cool down. Remember that they will never be as flexible as wheat tortillas.
*** this dough is surprisingly easy to work with, you can pick it up & handle it without it ripping.

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