the egg trick

It’s one of those lazy Sunday afternoons spent lying on the couch. The kind where I sleepily rolled out of bed in the morning & wandered down to the park to enjoy a coffee in the sunshine. Also the kind where I baked an over indulgent chocolate cake & sat with the tin in one hand & a spoon in the other… yes, I may have eaten the whole thing.

It’s the kind of Sunday where I’m partly curious how much sugar & butter may be floating around my blood stream, & the other half of me is accepting the feeling of fullness in my belly with a sly smile on my face.

It’s just one of those lazy Sundays.


There may have also been a fresh banana & some strawberries cut up on top of the cake as an afterthought… the perfect touch to that rich, moist, bitter chocolate sponge. An added compliment to the vanilla cream & milky chocolate ganache.

Do I regret it? Of course not. It was good for my soul.

So, whilst I sit here like the fat cat who devoured the canary, I scroll through my pinterest, my Facebook, & all associated social media I may subscribe to & I just happened to come across this video. A neat little trick on separating egg yolks. Thought I might share it & maybe recant my story about the mishap during my baking…

[embedplusvideo height=”500″ width=”584″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=iAp8pEaWB1Y&width=584&height=500&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7796″ /]

Last night, whilst I was putting together the sponge batter for the chocolate cake, I decided to be somewhat lazy & just crack my eggs straight into the bowl of my already running stand mixer…. Being the butter fingers that I am of course, I managed to drop the first egg, shell included, straight into the bowl & watched as it was smashed to smithereens & dispersed amongst the cocoa & butter. Horrified, I attempted to salvage what little shell I could before eventually waving the white flag. It did cross my mind to start from scratch, but then again, I’d just used the last of the butter & my good Valrhona cocoa.

“Well shit (pardon my language). F*** it, I’m the only one eating it…..” & with a shrug of my shoulders I continued, hoping that the motion of my balloon whisk on high speed would eventually pulverise it into oblivion & I could just learn to appreciate the extra calcium.

On occasion durring consumption, there was an added *crunch* to my mouthful… but I wasn’t trying to win any awards.

Lesson learned. First crack eggs, then add to batter.

Any way, enjoy the video. Maybe incorporate it into your baking routine. Or just snicker at my story. Either way, I hope your sunday is as lazy as mine xxx


2 thoughts on “the egg trick

    • It’s a fun little video isn’t it! I’m back in Athens beautiful girl, I would love to go for a coffee when you have some time xxx

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