rambling again

I failed at cheesecake.

It’s been a long time since I’ve baked a cheesecake & of course I attempted to dream bigger than I should have. Not that I’m incapable of dreaming big, but cheesecakes take a certain amount of fineness & I’m a touch out of practice.

Let’s add to the equation that my oven is currently on the fritz. If I turn it up to 160C, it won’t reach hotter than 100C. If I turn it up to 250C… well, it will waver between 150C & 170C. Not exactly a good foot to get off on when it comes to needing precision.

& I over-beat the filling.

Never over beat a cheesecake filling.

I’ve decided to try again. I’ve currently got another batch of pate sucree in the fridge… the electrician has just been round to fix the oven, & I’ve decided to first beat the eggs & then gently fold them into the lightly whipped cream cheese. This could also be wrong. I could also be looking at another failed cheesecake. I won’t know until I make it down to the shops to by more cream cheese & heavy cream.

I need to get back into the spirit of baking. I’ve been finding excuses constantly. My favourite excuse is that I hate to put up posts without pictures, & I just don’t have the time to set up my home studio again from scratch. It would appear that I left all my studio equipment in Syros in my hasty leave & it just needs to be done from the beginning.

I use work as an excuse too. Working six days a week, 17:00 till 01:30… I don’t wake up till 12:00… so I tell myself I just don’t have the energy, time or lighting to do it correctly.

All of these are excuses. Deep down I just want to get back to creating. I need it like I need to breathe.

There’s a certain fear that comes with getting back up on the horse. Metaphorically speaking of course. Enough excuses. iPhone pictures will suffice in the absence of a studio… just as long as I’m creating again.

NY cheesecake first. I swear, tomorrow I’ll make it to the shops to by the missing ingredients. Should have it ready by Friday. Maybe even take the excess to work to sweeten the mood & ensure I don’t eat too much of it.

I miss this. Even if it is just a ramble.


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