a little unconventional..

gluten free wedding cake

I can’t express how much I love wedding cakes. Especially when I get to do something a little unconventional….

This was my very first attempt at doing a drip effect on a cake… It wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for, but it’s come out looking pretty cool. With each new cake & design though, I find myself learning something completely new.

Here for example, I had to make the cake ahead of time in order to get the baking out of the way since it’s very time consuming. You see, I work around 9 hours a day, six days a week… that doesn’t leave me much free time to make wedding cakes on the side. So, I was advised by a friend who works for a very well known bakery that cakes can be baked, iced & frozen ahead of time, & as long as they are thawed out in the fridge, absolutely no harm will come to them. I decided to take the advice & give it a try. Unfortunately for me, the cake was still somewhat frozen when I started the decoration.

You might not think a frozen cake is a big deal, but let me assure you, it’s super cold temperature means it was attracting a lot of condensation. This ensured that the fondant always stayed wet & sticky, & it started to also cause the royal icing to dissolve. When I had originally done the drip, I had painted it a solid metallic gold with a hint of green… of course, as the royal icing began to melt, it started to show cracks through the metallic coating which revealed the orange colour of the royal icing underneath. Lucky for me, it came out to be a pretty neat effect. However, it also meant that the drip pattern also continued to grown & expand throughout the process.

Still, I was allowed to paint the base of the cake a gorgeous burgundy red & that made me happy. I thought about dying the fondant first, but decided that a solid colour may make the cake look tacky… so, I went with the painted effect which gave it some depth & texture.

The top two layers of the cake were pistachio cake, with strawberry puree brushed onto the cake, & a cream cheese filling…. the bottom layer was a bitter chocolate cake, with a caramel filling, & dark chocolate ganache on the outside.

Let me just say this… having gotten to eat the cake, I can honestly say it was just as good as if it had been baked fresh. I am so thankful to my friend & her advice because it gave me enough time to do the decoration without getting stressed. Note to self in future though… allow the cake to thoroughly defrost before starting on the decoration!!!

I hope you like it!



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