Writing a cookbook???

Want to hear something daunting? Waking up every morning & saying “today, I’m going to write a cookbook”.

It’s as if this sudden surge of pressure creates a ton of weight & becomes all too much. I stare blankly at note cards waiting to be labelled & arranged…. & nothing.

I’ve envisioned the matching a thousand times. I know which recipes I want to include, how to pair them & what holes need to be filled…

& yet, I procrastinate.

I want to write a book. More than anything. I fantasise about it over & over again seeing all my hard work in printed form. Tangible & available to everyone. I’ve even envisioned the pages slightly stained & tattered from love & over use. I have a game plan. A goal. A dream.

Yes, it’s true, my kickstarter campaign to raise the funding in order to do it was not a success as I had hoped. It was however a learning experience. What I learned? Well, social media is everything for one. Enthusiasm is another crucial factor. Building a sufficient amount of hype a third. I was ill prepared, I gave no one any warning, & I certainly did not sell myself to the best of my abilities. With that said, I will be taking a sufficient amount of time re-group, make it fabulous & try again.

If anyone would like to be kept up to date with the on-goings, the new launch date, or even a newsletter, please e-mail me at popich.red@gmail.com & I will add you to the mailing list!


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