Sunday… resting?

Sunday’s aren’t for work. Sundays are for staying in PJs & thinking about consuming vast amounts of comfort food. Especially when the weather outside it slightly chilled, windy & cloudy.

Sunday’s are beautiful.

Tomorrow though. Tomorrow is when I’ll go back to my assortment of notecards & start organising my book.

Yes. Somewhere in the back of my mind I’m still compiling a checklist of things that need to be done:
– get massive twitter following.
– make my instagram account irresistible.
– snazzy up my kickstarter page.
– record an incredibly charming new video.
– contemplate a weekly youtube cooking show.
– build a large following of food lovers to harass.

Yes. I know my goals. It’s hard to give up on a dream… especially when I’m as stubborn as I am. There will be a cookbook, that makes everyone salivate. It will be phenomenal. But not today. Today is for my pyjamas & cuddling the dog.

Happy lazy Sunday everyone.


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