Chicken soup…

I’ve always bragged that I make the best chicken soup. I hate to admit it, but I kind of look forward to friends & loved ones getting sick just to prove them right.

You see… chicken soup. REAL chicken soup, can cure you down to your bones. You need a whole chicken though, you know, the kind that is intact & not already cut up into nice clean, skinless breasts. Boiling the bones releases so many good things for you that it defies the point if you get one cleaned off the carcass. You also need tons of garlic, onion & chilies. I kid you not, you see onions & garlic have anti fungal properties & can also help break fevers… & chilies will clear your sinuses straight up. I also love to add in spinach for the iron, & turmeric for the lungs.

Why am I rambling on about chicken soup? Because I’m sick.

My usual routine when ill is to write up a grocery list, send a minion (a.k.a. a friend) to the grocery store, & then yell directions from the couch. Ultimately resulting in my getting my sniffling butt into the kitchen & taking over control, because as we all know, I’m a control freak who doesn’t share my kitchen.

That would be my usual routine.

This time? Unfortunately to say I’m alone. I wandered around grocery store aimlessly, looking sad, pathetic & whimpering to myself slight as I groaned & sighed over the minuscule weight of my little basket. I dragged my achey body back home, & tried to focus on chopping, cleaning, & prepping my loot. Tiny tasks became overwhelming, & I found myself distracted & fantasising about adding a meat cleaver to my collection of knives.

My point it… there is soup on the stove & it will be delicious. It will probably cure me of all that ails me. It may even miraculously heal my still very broken foot. All that being true…. it’s still no fun making it for myself.

Yes… I am finished. Hope you’re all feeling better than I!


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