doing my research

Lists. Have I ever told you how much I love lists? I’ve been making a couple at the moment.

…Lists of people who’ve supported the blog & it’s growth.

…Lists of gluten-free blogs that I plan on asking to feature my video once the project is launch.

…Lists of e-mail addresses for people who are interested in jumping on the bandwagon & helping the book get funded.

Plenty of lists.

If you’re interested in joining any of these lists… of being a part of the cookbook & helping to see it get off the ground… Just leave a comment on this post & I will add you to the appropriate list!

In other news… the chicken-soup is on day two, still as delicious if not more so. My health is not on the mend quite yet & I’m becoming buried under a mountain of tissues. Other than that, my spirits are high & my dog comes for constant cuddles.

Happy Wednesday everyone! xxx


2 thoughts on “doing my research

  1. Just saw your kickstarter (too late) but know that you probably have not given up on writing the cookbook. Just want you to know that I’ll buy a copy once it’s done. Am seeing your recipe on gluten free blog. Keep up the great work!

    • Good morning Carol! You’re right, I haven’t given up on the book. I plan on launching the kickstarter again in a few months & will keep everyone on the blog informed of my progress. Your support & positive words are the reason I’m not giving up. Have an amazing day

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