diary, day two

I’m supposed to be working on my script for the new kickstarter video. I’ve been told by my videographer the first we need to have a script, so that he in turn can create a story board & time it out.

The problem is, I’m staring at what I’ve written & if feels so forced & awkward. It’s quite possible that I’m sabotaging myself & making myself appear to be forced & awkward as the idea of sitting on camera talking (for a second time no less) makes me uncomfortable.

I’m trying to remind myself to get over it. People can choose not to watch if they so desire. If they find me that annoying they can simply close the browser page & never have to hear or see me again. It’s that simple.

So why am I so nervous? I mean, I’m talking about cooking. I’m talking about the book that I want to create. It should be natural, right?!

Do I make it personal? Do I try & let my audience get to know me a little bit? Do I just stick to the facts? I could really use some stellar advice right about now. I like my videographer. I trust him. Maybe I’m just worried I will look like a fool. Or foolish. Or both.

We shall see. I’m a walking contradiction though. I can’t bring myself to write a script & yet I can’t seem to stop imagining making youtube cooking videos. I’d have to talk there too, wouldn’t I. I just need to get over myself & remember that nobody has to watch if they don’t want to. It’s that simple.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. On the bright side, it’s making me flip through old recipes looking for things that are “colourful” enough to be eye-grabbing on camera. Oh how I love any excuse to stuff my face.


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