Diary, day three

Today I had to force inspiration.

I was sitting staring at the words I’d written for my script… & it all just felt forced. No creativity to it. Zilch.

I get this way sometimes before I cook, & it’s usually because the kitchen is a mess. The only way out of the situation is to tidy up & give the kitchen a proper cleaning… once that happens, inspiration starts to flow once more.

The only thing I could think of today was that maybe if I decluttered my counter space, I could in turn declutter my mind. An hour of rearranging & scrubbing later, not only do I have more work space & a better flow to my kitchen, but I also have a script.

I figured out that if I wrote down the questions that needed to be answered in the video, I could have someone ask me them on the day of filming. This sounds a bit odd, but it leads to impromptu responses. Responses that will come naturally & still keep me on point. In turn getting my message across, remembering all the things I need to say, & keeping the dialogue flowing in a natural way.

I ran this idea by my videographer & he seemed to agree. I suppose that means I have the first part down.

In my creativity, I also created my shopping list & dishes that I want to prepare on film. You know, beautiful, colourful, simple & something to catch the eye. It’s perfect really.

I’m feeling rather proud of myself.


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