Diary, day five

I’ve had too many glasses of orange juice & consumed a whole pizza. I’m somewhere between a food coma & pure bliss. It’s a delicate line & I can’t quite tell if I’ve crossed it. The pizza was divine though.

It’s all about the home-made pizza. Sure picking up the phone & ordering one is easy & effortless, but there’s always a sick, heavy feeling that follows when you’ve eaten too much. Some how, when you make your own at home & you know exactly what you’re putting on it & the quality of the ingredients you’re using, it takes away all the guilt associated.

My tomato sauce from yesterday was perfectly sweet & thick which made the perfect base to start with… & then I absolutely covered it in buffala mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, sweet red peppers, spinach, mushrooms & bacon. Oh, & an egg. I like a runny egg baked right into the middle. Using the crust to swipe that off the plate.

Ok. Maybe I over did it just a bit. Worth every bite though.

In my comatose state I’ve taken to online window-shopping. I scour the net looking for gluten-free vendors that deliver in bulk. The shipping charges are always outrageous, but I can’t help fantasising about placing an order for 10kg bags of all the flours I lust after. I don’t know where I would even store them all, but I dream about it all the same. Came across pea flour too. Not even sure what i would do with it, but that beautiful green colour is too appealing to pass up. What will they think of next?!

That’s all i have for you. Fantasy food shopping & a full belly. Isn’t that what Sunday’s are for?


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