Diary, day nine

All I want is almond hummus, & this cold that is plaguing me is moving from my lungs to my head. My ears are blocked so everything sounds muffled & overwhelming… & the real kicker is, I can’t taste anything!

I’m making the almond hummus any way. I’m just making it in a much bigger batch so that there’s enough left over to last for when my sense of taste comes back.

It makes me think though. How much would life truly suck if one couldn’t taste anything? A lot. I don’t think I’ve ever actually met someone who lost such an amazing sense, but my heart goes out to those who suffer from such an affliction.

I’m thankful that this won’t last for long.


Nothing will stop me from revisiting my recipe for almond hummus. Not even a lack of tastebuds. I suggest you also make a batch of this stuff. I tried roasting the almonds first today… I suppose I won’t know how successful that was for a day or two.

I’m hungry. It is a sad, sad day in my kitchen when I won’t get to enjoy my dinner to its full potential. If you make it, enjoy it for me.


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