Diary, day thirteen

I’m still a clogged up, sniffling mess. No one wants to see my red nose & puffy eyes on camera. I think Mondays are a poor choice for video uploads any way. Just hold on till Wednesday, I think that will be my day for new rants on youtube.

For today, I want to introduce you to a food blogger that I was turned towards by a friend. I can’t help myself. She’s kind of wonderful. Her name is Shannon & she’s the author of the blog Shannon’s Kitchen.

I have to be honest & prepare you though. She swears like a drunken sailor & loves dirty innuendo. I’m a little jealous, truth be told. I always try to watch my language & puns on the site because I don’t want to offend people. Maybe I should care a little less about offending others & just speak freely. After all, as long as I’m not insulting anyone or being an ass-hat, then I’m not doing any harm. Right?

Still. I can’t bring myself to just let go & free my dirty mouth. You should really go check her out though, she’s funny & brilliant… & I’m not ashamed to say I look forward to new posts.

That’s all I have to add for now.


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