Diary, day fourteen

I’ve spent a lot of time at home the last 9 months. Too much time. Enough time to have had moments where I’ve wondered whether or not I was about to permanently lose my sanity.

In that time, I’ve learnt that 80% of the time, home-made is by far better than store-bought. This could be crap… but honestly, it’s one of the things I’ve convinced myself is true probably because I’ve needed to stay occupied & entertained.


Let’s go with peanut butter for example. Sure, the homemade stuff isn’t as smooth as the store-bought… but having complete control over what goes into it counts as a real winner in my books. You know… little things. I like my peanut butter slightly sweet, but I don’t want sugar or artificial sweeteners in it, so I put honey. I can decide how salty I want it. Or even if I want to give it a hint of chocolate flavour with some good quality cocoa.

I don’t recommend trying to make peanut butter from raw peanuts though. They are a legume & it’s a very acquired taste. Not one my tastebuds appreciated.

I did discover that you should let your peanuts cool down (assuming you’re roasting them yourself) before you add honey to them… then again, I knew honey had a low burning point & really should have made that connection sooner. In my defence, it was late & I was in a rush.

Now the biggest question is… how do I make half a kilo last more than a week?


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